Dangerous Clergyman (lasergunjesus) wrote in katsularp,
Dangerous Clergyman

Welcome KatsuLARPers!

Thank you for taking the time and dropping by, and supra-doubleplus thank you if you joined up!

Now, prepare for your reward...a KatsuLARP '05 update, direct from the horse's mouth (or the GM's mouth, as it were):

We've been working very hard the past couple of weeks to improve the system, and starting our character database. Since we're changing so much stuff around system-wise, every character that we had made already has to be re-made taking into account new rules, et cetera.

Oh, yeah, and we're also making pre-reg characters, for those of you who have pre-regged already. Good news for you, non?

In addition, I have personally started writing a player's hand book for the GOtaku KatsuLARP system. It is our hope that for next year every player will have one of these handy PHB's to help answer rules questions.

Look back here for more information soon, and if you haven't joined already, do it! =P
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